2016 | Portugal

Download 2016 Portugal Itinerary


The best of both worlds: charmful Portuguese cities and the idyllic countryside

Traditional suckling pig making experience

Port wines sampling directly from cask at top Port houses

Opportunities to buy ex-cellar wines at excellent prices with shipping arranged by The Flying Winemaker

Wines from the early 1900s

Amazing vertical tastings at each stop



I cannot recommend TFW’s Yearly Wine Tours enough. I am very happy I joined 2016’s Tour of Portugal. The amazing memories made on that trip are still vivid in my mind and so are the rich and smooth tastes of those newly found wines still lingering on my tongue.

The organization, the attention to detail and the treat of being given unparalleled access to the vineyard owners; treated as their own house guests surpassed everyone’s expectations.

Eddie McDougall (The Flying Winemaker himself) is a pleasure to be around. Extremely knowledgeable yet super humble in all interactions with the owners, winemakers and all others we crossed paths with.

I am impressed with the quality of Portuguese wines. They earned my respect and my wallet.


“My name is Gerald, and I’m a “TFW Touraholic”. (Sorry Eddie, but your TFW Tours should come with a ‘Warning’… Once you go on one, you will be totally hooked!)

I just went on the Tour to Portugal, and after that, there was not even the faintest question in my mind as to whether I would, or could, go on this year’s Tour to New Zealand. I simply cannot with a limited number of words do justice to describing even only the most sublime hallmarks of the Tour; let alone the holistic experience, and actually explain why it’s so ‘addictive’.

But in a word, it truly was: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!