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Our Experience

Led by Eddie McDougall and a team of industry experts, The Flying Winemaker provides a variety of wine production and technical assessment services. With well over 20 vintages of global winemaking under their belts and regular appearances as international wine judges, the wine team is able to provide professional services to winery owners, winemakers, and start-up brands.

Where We Can Help You:

Vineyard and Fruit Assessment

– Advice on canopy management for vine balance.
– Fruit yield and quality control
– Disease and pest management advice
– Harvest planning assistance

Grape to Bottle Comprehensive Services

– Pre-harvest fruit evaluation
– Grape, must and juice chemical analysis and adjustment advice
– Processing techniques and fermentation

Winery Operations Advisory

– Equipment maintenance programs
– Year round wine processing systems development
– Waste management

Winery Design and Build Consulting

– Winery engineering
– Equipment procurement
– Contractor management

Winery and Vineyard Recruitment

– We can help you find the right winemaker, viticulturist and harvest interns to suit your needs

Product Assessment and Benchmarking

– Providing independent advice and technical assessments on wines prior to bottling.
– Price point assessment and competitor comparison reports

Wine Style Consulting

– Create wines of intrigue and complexity
– Develop a style of wine for your customer and price points
– Understand consumer style trends

Distribution and Marketing

– Export marketing advice
– Brand building campaigns to help your brand stand out
– Public relations management

Pre-Acquisition Assessment

– Prior to buying a winery or vineyard we provide a comprehensive due diligence servce

Collaboration Projects

As part of The Flying Winemaker’s DNA, we love to produce wine for our own brand from all over the world. To help us achieve this mission we work collaboratively with some of the best winemakers in the world to source both grapes and a winery to make our wines.

We have produced collaboration wines in Australia, Hong Kong, Italy, and France. Projects to come soon include production in China and New Zealand. However, we don’t ever want to stop just there. So if you are interested in partnering with Eddie and the winemaking team on a specially limited edition wine let us know, we’re all ears!

Our Past Partners

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