The Flying Winemaker strives to empower more people from around to globe to love and respect wine like we do. That is, to have fun with it!

The Company

Since its founding in 2011 The Flying Winemaker has built one of Asia’s leading integrated wine brands with business in production, distribution (retail, wholesale and online) and events. It supports these businesses through a unique hybrid online/offline media strategy and through multiple touch-points across both wine consumers and producers. Having a brand positioned with the Asian market at its core but with global credibility and well-positioned for the ongoing growth of the Asian wine industry.

The Team

Eddie plays a very active role in every aspect of the business and prides himself on surrounding himself with those who are just as willing as he is to think outside the box. We are a highly creative team with a corporate culture born from that same desire to steer away from the norm. Those already on board with The Flying Winemaker movement are expected to be accountable not only for their tasks, but for bringing to the table ludicrous ideas that more often than not find their way to completion. An appreciation for happy hour and wine puns is also non-negotiable.

The Boss

Eddie McDougall has placed himself at the forefront of Asia’s emerging wine scene. It is well known that lots of wine is being drunk in the region, but Eddie is keen to show that great wine is also being produced by those brave enough to be at the head of the Asian winemaking charge. Never happy to let wine, or his company, fit neatly into the preconceived notions of the industry, Eddie is constantly on the lookout for how to break through wine barriers and produce one-of-a-kind experiences for customers, viewers and employees alike.

To Apply

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