Best Red Wines 2017
Asian Wine Review

Best Red Wines 2017

The below represents the current best red wines that Asia has to offer. A total of 27 red wines received medals in the 2017 Asian Wine Review showing the strides that the region is making in quality wine production.

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Best Red Wines

Jade Vineyard, Aria, CHINA - Ningxia, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2014. BEST TROPHY

A Cabernet Sauvignon expression at its very best. Blackcurrants, fine grain oak, little bit of clove and toasted herbs. The tannins are assertive, well structured and designed to last a long time. Supported by excellent acidity the wine is lively and has a long life ahead.

He Lang Ting, CHINA - Ningxia, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2013. GOLD MEDAL

Ripe, rich and powerful is the best way to describe this wine. The explosive black fruits and charm of baking spices add lots of appeal. Its generous flavours are balanced, concentrated and moreish. Hard not to love this wine.

Chateau Yuange, Yuange Yuexiang, CHINA - Ningxia, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2012. GOLD MEDAL

Bright in the glass and loaded with lots of honest blue fruits. The concentration is immense and supports a fresh and vibrant palate that has plenty of concentration and intensity. The genuine varietal purity is what makes it a winner.

Yang Yang International Wine Estate, CHINA - Ningxia, Cabernet Gernischt, 2013. GOLD MEDAL

Interesting notes of white pepper, nice hints of mint and black berries. Balanced fruit profile across the palate and tannins to support the overall flow. Good length and great finish. Top marks for complexity

Chateau Mercian, Mariko Vineyard, JAPAN, Syrah, 2013. GOLD MEDAL

All the definitive Syrah characteristics are well preserved. The perfume of white pepper, pine trees, blackcurrants and classy French oak is well integrated. This elegant example has tremendous freshness, elegance and poise. A true pleasure.

Chateau Bacchus, CHINA - Ningxia, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2014. GOLD MEDAL

Immensely concentrated with blackcurrants, cola and sour cherries. The core of this wine lies with its ability to have drying tannins that support the ripe fruit characteristics.

Kishor Vineyards, Savant Red, ISRAEL, 2014. GOLD MEDAL

Dense and viscous in the glass. Powerful flavours matched with some powerful oak, plush tannins, smattering of blackcurrants. Tannins are ripe and well-extracted offering the drinker a wine full of concentration. Deserves some cellaring time.