“In January 2018, The Flying Winemaker will be launching a year-long Global Corporate Social Responsibility Campaign to raise awareness for the prevention of driving under the influence of alcohol. The campaign, aptly titled #drinkNOdrive, is a responsibility I personally cannot shy away from as I myself produce and sell wines on a daily basis around the globe to people who potentially could be part of a tragic alcohol-related driving incident. I can’t hide from this fact and ultimately have a responsibility as a parent, winemaker, business owner and lover of wines to make a difference.” – Eddie McDougall

What we're doing about it

We’re leveraging our social media platforms to build awareness by posting informative content in the forms of video, editorial images, and statistics, every weekend of 2018.

Become a Supporter Here's how:

We’re looking for as many partners to become a supporting member of our campaign. 100% non-profit, all funds will go towards covering content creation, editing, and boosting social media messaging.

Leave us a message and we’ll be in touch with details.